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18 November 2018, Sunday
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About HL7

About HL7 International

Founded in 1987, Health Level Seven International (HL7) is a not-for-profit, ANSI-accredited standards developing organization dedicated to providing a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information that supports clinical practice and the management, delivery and evaluation of health services. HL7's 2,300+ members include approximately 500 corporate members who represent more than 90% of the information systems vendors serving healthcare.

HL7 Vision:

To create the best and most widely used standards in healthcare.

HL7 Mission:

HL7 provides standards for interoperability that improve care delivery, optimize workflow, reduce ambiguity and enhance knowledge transfer among all of our stakeholders, including healthcare providers, government agencies, the vendor community, fellow SDOs and patients. In all of our processes we exhibit timeliness, scientific rigor and technical expertise without compromising transparency, accountability, practicality, or our willingness to put the needs of our stakeholders first.

For more information about HL7 International, please visit the official website www.hl7.org.

About HL7 Hong Kong

HL7 Hong Kong Limited, newly established in 2010 as a non-profit organization, is the international affiliate member of Health Level Seven International for Hong Kong. The mission of HL7 Hong Kong is to advance the acceptance and usage of HL7 in Hong Kong, including the internationalization of HL7 healthcare data exchange standards.

The objectives of setting up HL7 (HK) are:

a)    To participate HL7 International activities on behalf of Hong Kong
b)    To promote and implement the HL7 Standards in Hong Kong
c)    To formulate the standard of electronic communication of Healthcare Information for Hong Kong
d)    To provide input for HL7 about the specific needs in Hong Kong that are not met by existing HL7 Standards
e)     To provide education and training to Hong Kong Healthcare Community and Information System developers

Background of the Establishment of HL7 Hong Kong

As eHealth is one of the initiatives in the Healthcare Reform raised by the HKSAR Government, getting the first-hand information of eHealth Information Standards is hence one of the critical successful factors to drive eHealth. In early 2009, some entities working in eHealth in Hong Kong have jointly applied, as petitioners, for the Affiliate Membership of HL7 in Hong Kong. The Primary Petitioner is eHealth Consortium Ltd (eHCL), and the other four petitioners are Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA), Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics Ltd (HKSMI), St. Teresa's Hospital (STH), and NEC Hong Kong Ltd (NEC), symbolizing participations from various eHealth stakeholders such as Healthcare Providers, Government Authorized Agency, Academia, Hospitals and Vendors.


Collaboration agreement was signed between Dr Charles Jaffe, CEO of HL7 International and Dr CP Wong representing HL7 HK. The inauguration was enlightened by Prof Ed Hammond, Board Chair of HL7 International and Ms Sandra Lee, JP, Permanent Secretary of Food and Health, as witnesses of the ceremony.
(Front, from left: Prof Ed Hammond, Dr Charles Jaffe, Dr CP Wong, Ms Sandra Lee;
Back, from left: Mr Ray Cheung, Mr Anthony Cheung, Mr Pascal Tse, Dr NT Cheung)

The application was accepted by HL7 International in September 2009, and a formal inauguration ceremony was conducted on 8 October 2009, at the formal opening of the eHealth Forum 2009. Dr CP Wong was the Interim Chair of HL7 HK to sign on the Affiliate Charter Agreement.

The establishment of HL7 Hong Kong Limited ("HL7 HK"), recognized as one of the most important milestones in the development of eHealth standards for Hong Kong, would not be possible without the unfailing support and valuable advice from HL7 International, the Food and Health Bureau and the recently established eHealth Record Office.

People and Organization

HL7 HK - People and Organization

Board of Governors

- Chairman:             Dr WONG Chun Por (2017-2018)
                                Chairman, Hong Kong Society of Medical Informatics; Board Member, eHealth Consortium (eHC)

- Vice Chairmen:     Mr Pascal TSE (2018-2019)
                                Chief Information Technology Officer, St Teresa's Hospital (STH)
                             Mr Michael FUNG (2018-2019)

                                Senior IT Manager, CUHK Medical Centre Planning Office, CUHK

- Board Governors: (Government Nominated:)
  - Mr CHENG Yan Kee (2017-2018)
    Co-opted Member, Hospital Authority ("HA") Supporting Services Development Committee;
    Chairman, HA Capital Works Subcommittee;
    Member, Hospital Governing Committee of Yan Chai Hospital

  - Prof David CHEUNG (2017-2018)
    Director of the Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development, The University of Hong Kong
  - Mr Barry CHIN (2017-2018)
    Vice Chairman, The Association of Hong Kong Professionals
  - Dr Davy WU (2017-2018)
    Senior Lecturer, Department of Accountancy and Law, Hong Kong Baptist University
  - Ms Ingrid AU (2017-2018)
    Vice President, Event and Communications, eHealth Consortium Limited;
    Business Development Manager, Large Enterprise and Government, Cisco Systems (HK)

  - Dr Antonio SEK (2017-2018)
    Chairman and CEO,Chiron Healthcare Group Limited
  - Mr Alan YOUNG (2018-2019)
    Head of I.T., Caritas Hong Kong

Board of Governors

Above: Board of Governments at the 2010 AGM.  (from left) Mr Barry Chin, Dr CP Ho, Ms Vicky Fung, Dr Davy Wu, Dr CP Wong, Prof David Cheung, Dr Winnie Tang, Mr Ray Cheung, Mr Pascal Tse.

Board of Governors at the 4th Board Meeting

Above: Board of Governors at 4th Board Meeting.  Mr CP Ho, Chairman (front row center); Mr Pascal Tse, Vice-Chairman (front row, 1st from left); Ms Vicky Fung (front row, 1st from right); (second row, from left) Mr Ray Cheung, Prof David Cheung, Dr CP Wong, Dr Davy Wu, Mr YK Cheng, Mr Barry Chin.


Dave Kwok & Co.

Honorary Legal Advisor

Mr Angus Forsyth


eHealth Consortium Ltd