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18 November 2018, Sunday
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Membership in HL7 is available to everyone interested in Health Informatics Standards in Hong Kong and agrees with the Objectives of HL7 Hong Kong. Involvement and support from members are crucial to the ongoing expansion and enhancement of the HL7 standard.

There are currently four types of membership: Sponsor Members, Corporate Members, Associate Members and Individual Members.

Membership Subscription Fee

Grace period: Membership application submitted in the first calendar year of HL7 HK's incorporation (ie 2010) would cover membership dues for 2010 and 2011. Thereafter, any applicant applying for HL7 HK membership on or after 1 September of the year, his/her membership fee would cover membership dues for the said year and the calendar year immediately follows.

For Organizations

  • Territory Wide Member: HK$300,000/yr
  • Corporate Member: 
    • HK$10,000/yr for organizations with less than 200 staff 
    • HK$15,000/yr for organizations with 200 to 1000 staff 
    • HK$20,000/yr for organizations with over 1000 staff
  • Associate (Organizational) Member: HK$0/yr

For Individuals

  • Individual Member: HK$300/yr
  • Associate (Individual) Member: HK$0/yr

Application Forms

Membership Application Form for Organizations

Membership Application Form for Individuals


All Members shall:
a)   Pay annual and other fees as appropriate,
b)   Follow the constitutions & decisions as made by the General Assembly,
c)   Protect the rights of HL7 Inc and HL7 Hong Kong,
d)   Reflect and recommend to the General Assembly or the Board on various related issues, and
e)   Not amend (including add, change, delete) any of the HL7 Standards, whether that is issued by the HL7 Hong Kong or not, without written approval from HL7 Hong Kong.

Rights and Benefits

All Members would have the following rights as listed below:
a)  Free access to HL7 Hong Kong Standards documentation,
b)  (Not applicable to all Associate Members) Free access to the HL7 Hong Kong closed email lists and password protected areas of the HL7 Hong Kong website,
c)  Preferential discount and/or treatment for attendance of HL7 Hong Kong meetings, activities and training programs,
d)  (Not applicable to all Associate Members) Participation in Standards balloting process, and
e)  (Not applicable to all Associate Members) Nomination of/Being nominated as Board Governor, and vote in the Board of Governors Election.

Membership Benefits Comparison

Benefit Territory Wide Members Corporate Members Associate (Organizational) Members Individual Members Associate (Individual) Members
Right to reproduce and distribute standard within their organization Yes Yes  Yes  No  No
Right to reproduce and distribute the Localized Standards in HK  Yes(or direct the Society to do so)  Only excerpts(but not entire domains or chapters) of the Localized Standards  Only excerpts(but not entire domains or chapters) of the Localized Standards  No  No
Right to reproduce and distribute excerpts of the HL7 copyrighted Materials to any users or customers of any Compliant Product in HK   Yes  Yes  Yes  No  No
Right to use the "HL7 Organizational Member" logo on marketing materials including advertisements, brochures, websites and proposals Yes No  No  No  No
Organizational profile on HL7 Hong Kong online membership directory  Yes  No  No  No  No
Copies of the standards Multiple  Multiple Multiple  One Only  One Only
Voting Members 10 Votes  1 Vote  No  1 Vote  No
Discounts on working group meeting registration and tutorial fees  Entire Organization  Entire Organization  Entire Organization  Yes  Yes
Discounts on HL7 bookstore items  Entire Organization  Entire Organization  Entire Organization  Yes  Yes
Access to "Members Only" section of the website All Assigned Members  All Assigned Members  No Yes  No

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The General Assembly would be opened for all members of HL7 Hong Kong (Not applicable to all Associate Members). It is normally called once a year, as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The roles of the General Assembly are:
a)      To run or approve election results,
b)      To approve annual budget, annual plan, and annual reports,
c)      To approve membership & fee structures, and
d)      To discuss any matter brought forth by the Board of Governors or general members.

All members would be invited to attend the AGM where they would receive reports from the Chairman, and financial reports from the Treasurer of the Board of Governors. Members with Voting Rights can nominate and elect candidates to fill the Board vacancies due to e.g. retirement.

All decisions should be made on consensus-based qualified-majority (e.g. more than 60% affirmative of the combined "yes" and "no" votes) ballot process.